Beyond Color: Painting Demo #11

Sit back, put your feet up and grab your favorite beverage. This video is about 13 minutes long. Sometimes painting goes just that fast. Okay, it took longer, but the magic of editing cuts out the boring parts where I am thinking deep thoughts. You are welcome! 😉 Click on the link or video belowContinue reading “Beyond Color: Painting Demo #11”

Beyond Color: Painting Demo #4

A Bird’s Eye View The color scheme for today’s painting are those colors that are neighbors or next to each other on the color wheel, called analygous colors. I use negative space to create shapes and use lines to connect those shapes & spaces to lead your eye around the painting. Grab a glass ofContinue reading “Beyond Color: Painting Demo #4”

Beyond Color: Art Bit Exercise #4

This week’s exercise tutorial works with analygous color schemes, or colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. We do this using shapes & lines while considering positive and negative space. Click here to A Bird’s Eye View #4 painting demo! Click here to find the finished painting! Interested in getting noticeContinue reading “Beyond Color: Art Bit Exercise #4”