Beyond Color: Painting Demo #12

Sit back, put your feet up for Pete’s sake, and grab your favorite beverage. Here’s the birth of a painting in all its missteps and right steps. Kinda like life. Read more about this painting on my art blog here.

Beyond Color: Art Blog #12

“The Jewel Within” 12 x 12″ Acrylic on Gessobord with 3/4″ Birch Sides. Wired to hang. This painting started out covered in red, well, reds I should say…several of them. That is all I knew I wanted as I approached that initial dive onto the surface. As you can see, only a few reds peekContinue reading “Beyond Color: Art Blog #12”

Beyond Color: Art Blog #10

Moonlight Mist 12″ x 12″ Acrylic on Gessobord with 3/4″ Birch Sides. Wired to hang. Details to purchase here. Learning how to live with a certain acceptance that we can’t know it all helps in the letting go of those things we can’t control. This week, a lesson in letting go. I started painting withContinue reading “Beyond Color: Art Blog #10”

Beyond Color: Painting Demo #9

Sit back, put your feet up and grab your favorite beverage. This video is only 11-1/2 minutes long. Sometimes it goes just that fast. Okay, it took longer, but the magic of editing cuts out the boring parts. You are welcome! 😉 Click on the link or video below to access. It’s free!

Beyond Color: Painting Demo #7

NEW! My painting videos are now free and shorter, averaging 12-15 minutes. Sit back, grab your favorite beverage and watch this painting evolve, all set to music…because music enhances everything! Click on the vimeo link below to watch “Phoenix Rising” take flight (couldn’t resist that analogy).

Beyond Color: Art Blog #6

“Look to the Hills” Triptych Three 8 x 8 x 3/4″ Acrylics on Gessobord I haven’t painted so many triptychs, but I like them a lot so thought I’d give it a try. They can be spaced apart as far as you like. Starting with black acrylic marker, creating lines that flowed from left toContinue reading “Beyond Color: Art Blog #6”

Beyond Color: Art Bit Exercise #4

This week’s exercise tutorial works with analygous color schemes, or colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. We do this using shapes & lines while considering positive and negative space. Click here to A Bird’s Eye View #4 painting demo! Click here to find the finished painting! Interested in getting noticeContinue reading “Beyond Color: Art Bit Exercise #4”