Beyond Color: Art Blog #6

“Look to the Hills” Triptych Three 8 x 8 x 3/4″ Acrylics on Gessobord I haven’t painted so many triptychs, but I like them a lot so thought I’d give it a try. They can be spaced apart as far as you like. Starting with black acrylic marker, creating lines that flowed from left toContinue reading “Beyond Color: Art Blog #6”

Beyond Color: Painting Demo #6

All Beyond Color Videos are FREE during the months of July, August & September! Enjoy Painting Demo #6, a triptych! The finished painting at the end of the video has changed somewhat. Check out my Art Blog #6 to see the final product here. If interested in purchasing, click here.

Beyond Color: Painting Demo #5

A Bird’s Eye View Contrasts like a lot of attention. “Look at me! Look at me!” They can be powerful in a painting, seeking to lead your eyes around a painting or bring attention to the area you want to emphasize. In today’s Art Bit exercise we talk about several different ways you can createContinue reading “Beyond Color: Painting Demo #5”

Beyond Color: Art Bit #5

Today’s exercise explores the use of contrasts. How important are they? We explore several different ways you can use contrast in your paintings and why. Click on Vimeo in bottom right corner to enlarge. To watch me paint the Bird’s Eye View Painting Demo, click here. If you’d like to know when I post aContinue reading “Beyond Color: Art Bit #5”

Beyond Color: Art Blog #5

12 x 12″ Original Acrylic on Gessobord with 3/4″ Birch Cradle. Wired to hang. Interested in buying this original painting? Click here to purchase. Sometimes painting is like figuring out a puzzle. This painting definitely fits the bill. Lucky for me, I like puzzles. I like the challenge of making it work visually with color,Continue reading “Beyond Color: Art Blog #5”

Beyond Color: Painting Demo #4

A Bird’s Eye View The color scheme for today’s painting are those colors that are neighbors or next to each other on the color wheel, called analygous colors. I use negative space to create shapes and use lines to connect those shapes & spaces to lead your eye around the painting. Grab a glass ofContinue reading “Beyond Color: Painting Demo #4”

Beyond Color: Art Bit Exercise #4

This week’s exercise tutorial works with analygous color schemes, or colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. We do this using shapes & lines while considering positive and negative space. Click here to A Bird’s Eye View #4 painting demo! Click here to find the finished painting! Interested in getting noticeContinue reading “Beyond Color: Art Bit Exercise #4”

Beyond Color: Art Blog #4

“It’s a Beautiful Ride” Acrylic on Gessobord with 3/4″ Birch Sides, wired to hang, 12×12″. Interested in purchasing a demo original painting? Click here. Sometimes it’s hard to name a painting, much less figure out which direction you like best. The name I give it might be nothing like what you’d name it. When youContinue reading “Beyond Color: Art Blog #4”

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