Beyond Color: Painting Demo #2

A Bird’s Eye View Painting Demo #2 Video: An acrylic painting demo using Wet-on-Dry painting method, adding Tints & Shades from Art Bit #2 tutorial. Watch the evolution of a 12×12″ painting using those two techniques. First, subscribe for access to this video. The suggested price is $15 per video, but you can pay whatContinue reading “Beyond Color: Painting Demo #2”

Beyond Color: Art Bit Exercise #2

This week’s tutorial explores the technique of wet-on-dry acrylic painting. Its effects are different than last week’s wet-in-wet painting. (If you haven’t already, check out Art Bit Exercise #1. It’s free!) Art Bit Exercise #2 Video has two exercises, the first exercise explores wet-on-dry painting with tints and shades and the second exercise, how toContinue reading “Beyond Color: Art Bit Exercise #2”

Beyond Color: Art Blog #2

Take an up-close Visual Journey around the painting below, read about the painting process and then go to Beyond Color: Art Bit Exercise #2 and A Bird’s Eye View Demo #2 to watch me paint this. It is set up as Pay-What-You-Are-Able, with a $1 minimum payment to allow those with less or who haveContinue reading “Beyond Color: Art Blog #2”

Beyond Color: Painting Tutorial #1

Welcome to Beyond Color: Using Paint to Heal, Create & Grow! Join me in exploring your thoughts and feelings using paint. Sometimes it helps to just get that stuff out on a piece of paper or canvas. From personal experience, I am a firm believer that color heals and painting helps! I will lead youContinue reading “Beyond Color: Painting Tutorial #1”

Beyond Color: Art Blog #1

Take an up-close visual journey around the painting below: Featured “Our Voices Matter” A Bird’s Eye View #1 See Beyond Color: Painting Tutorial #1 to watch me paint this. 12″ x 12″ Acrylic on Gessobord with 3/4″ Birch Cradle – Wired to Hang Beyond Color paintings are half price from regular 12 x 12″ price.Continue reading “Beyond Color: Art Blog #1”

Beyond Color: Tutorials & Blogposts

*Links to all tutorials and blogs are at the bottom of this page under Recent Posts! My Beyond Color project is to create short video exercises called Art Bits and a Bird’s Eye View demo of how I build a 12 x 12″ abstract expressionist painting. The first Welcome, Favorite Materials, Art Bit exercise #1Continue reading “Beyond Color: Tutorials & Blogposts”