Beyond Color: Art Blog #11

“Autumn Winds”

12 x 12″ Acrylic on Gessobord with 3/4″ Birch Sides. Wired to hang.

Details to purchase here.

My backyard has been a feast for the eyes with a sugar maple tree. Front yard, too. We hit the fall bonus when we rented the house we are currently living in until we can figure out where we want to “retire”. Time to hang up the paintbrushes, honey, no more color for me, I’m retiring, says no one who has dabbled in paint. As long as my hands, eyes and brain still work, I will most likely keep painting until I can’t.

If you notice, there is a brief window when the leaves first fall that the color is still vibrant. Take a moment a stare at these guys who littered (meant in the kindest way) my backyard. Kevin, the neighborhood white squirrel, may be wondering why I am staring straight down at the ground for what seems like a tad too long. Then I bring out the phone and start taking pictures and all is well. Needless to say these colors found their way into today’s painting.

Take a one-minute stroll through “Autumn Winds” with this One-Minute Visual Journey #11. It lets you get up-close and personal as the camera travels around the painting.

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Published by Robyn Sand Anderson Art

I am an Abstract Expressionist acrylic painter. Abstract Expressionism is aimed at subjective emotional expression with a particular emphasis on the creative spontaneous act of painting. I love interpreting music with paint, specifically choral and orchestral music, but I am open to whatever moves me to see color, movement and texture. Beyond Color: Using Paint to Heal, Create & Grow is a painting tutorial series in abstract expressionism aimed specifically at beginners and non-artists who need a creative outlet to give themselves a lift, a way to express whatever they are feeling with color. Beyond Color: Art Blog posts are my brief reflections on the 12 x 12" painting created in each demo, which will also be for sale. To see my latest work, check out my Gallery page. Thanks for visiting Beyond Color!

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