Beyond Color: Art Blog #8


12 x 12″ Acrylic on Gessobord with 3/4″ Birch Sides. Wired to hang.

Details to purchase here.

A abstract expressionist painting often begins with no idea as to the direction it will go. That’s the exciting part! I often start with choosing colors that “speak” to me that day, or colors that make me feel good. Sometimes it is a palette of colors that match my mood, whether cloudy or bright.

In this painting I deliberately chose some darker hues. Something that would express the hard stuff we are living through right now. After having been through years of dark days at the beginning of my diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, I found it helpful to express that pain with paint. But, I always had a ray of hope in there, some small thread of light to hang on to. As I write this, I think of my great-grandmother, whom I never knew but who also had rheumatoid arthritis. She was in a wheel chair by the age of 40, crippled from the ravages of this condition. I know her suffering and am saddened that she did not have the medical care that I have had.

The title of a painting doesn’t always come to me until I have been through the process, and often happens during the video editing. Sometimes it is the music added to the video that inspires a word, a phrase that captures what I see, what I experienced in painting it.

This time, as I searched for music that enhanced the painting process, I came upon one (from whose title and music captured it perfectly. Courage. We are traveling through unprecedented times right now. The stressors are relentless. Yet the human being is a resilient creature. We plod on, holding onto that ray of light, that red-orange that promises relief from those forces that batter us.

May you hold onto that promise and have good courage. The Light in us will prevail.

*NEW! Watch this painting evolve here. The videos are free! I’ve changed the format of my painting demo videos. They are shorter, with less talking and more painting.

Take a one-minute stroll through “Courage” with the One-Minute Visual Journey below. Just click on the Vimeo link. It lets you get up-close and personal as the camera travels around the painting.

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Published by Robyn Sand Anderson Art

I am an Abstract Expressionist acrylic painter. Abstract Expressionism is aimed at subjective emotional expression with a particular emphasis on the creative spontaneous act of painting. I love interpreting music with paint, specifically choral and orchestral music, but I am open to whatever moves me to see color, movement and texture. Beyond Color: Using Paint to Heal, Create & Grow is a painting tutorial series in abstract expressionism aimed specifically at beginners and non-artists who need a creative outlet to give themselves a lift, a way to express whatever they are feeling with color. Beyond Color: Art Blog posts are my brief reflections on the 12 x 12" painting created in each demo, which will also be for sale. To see my latest work, check out my Gallery page. Thanks for visiting Beyond Color!

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