Beyond Color: Art Blog #7

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“Phoenix Rising”

12 x 12″ Acrylic on Gessobord with 3/4″ Birch Sides, wired to hang.

Starting with dabs of paint thrown randomly over the smooth white surface of this painting, pure pigment bumped up against neighboring colors as I played with brush and squeegee. Midway through the painting I put it on the floor and looked at it from each of the four viewpoints. Upside down, it suggested a bird rising. Sometimes a painting will suggest a feeling, or an image in your mind, as you work. As I sit and look at it now, a rising phoenix seems appropriate for my life lately.

From Greek mythology, the phoenix is an immortal bird that regenerates or is born again from the the ashes of its former being. We just made a major life move from rural, small-town life out on the prairies of southwestern Minnesota to city life in the Twin Cities. I told my husband it reminds me a little bit of labor and delivery. A closing down of one chapter and birth into another. There is the long, drawn out labor of purging and packing, cleaning and lifting, smashing your fingers and losing the tape. It is exhausting and mind-numbing. But you do what you have to do. You have no choice at that point. And then it’s moving day and the moving van guys jump in and start loading and you realize you have little control now…it’s happening. The move is happening whether you are ready or not. You blink and life is completely different. There is exhaustion with a chaser of excitement and new possibilities. You are sleep deprived, ache all over and you do what you need to do to adjust to your new life. Yes. A lot like bringing a new child into your life. Slowly, routines develop and you navigate all the things that come with moving.

It’s interesting that this painting became a phoenix for me. Maybe unconsciously that feeling of rising from the ashes is what needed to be expressed. Ashes, but also the bright color of hope for something new, some new adventure.

*NEW! Watch this painting evolve here. The videos are free! I’ve changed the format of my painting demo videos. They are shorter, with less talking and more painting.

Take a one-minute stroll through Phoenix Rising with the Visual Journey below. Just click on the Vimeo link. It lets you get up-close and personal as the camera travels around the painting.

One-Minute Visual Journey #7

Interested in buying this original painting? Click here to purchase.

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Published by Robyn Sand Anderson Art

I am an Abstract Expressionist acrylic painter. Abstract Expressionism is aimed at subjective emotional expression with a particular emphasis on the creative spontaneous act of painting. I love interpreting music with paint, specifically choral and orchestral music, but I am open to whatever moves me to see color, movement and texture. Beyond Color: Using Paint to Heal, Create & Grow is a painting tutorial series in abstract expressionism aimed specifically at beginners and non-artists who need a creative outlet to give themselves a lift, a way to express whatever they are feeling with color. Beyond Color: Art Blog posts are my brief reflections on the 12 x 12" painting created in each demo, which will also be for sale. To see my latest work, check out my Gallery page. Thanks for visiting Beyond Color!

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