Beyond Color: Art Blog #3

“Holding On”

Acrylic on Gessobord with 3/4″ Birch Sides, wired to hang, 12×12″.

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I often find tie-ins between painting and life in general. This week’s Art Bit Exercise #3 explored creating colorful neutrals using complementary colors, or colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. When neutrals are painted beside vibrant, pure hues, they serve to hold up the beauty of that color in new and refreshing ways. Beautiful green sprouts of garlic have broken through the dull brown soil as winter snows have melted away into spring. If they had grown up surrounded by other green plants, I might not have noticed them…but the brown soil surrounding them makes their bright green leaves shout hallelujah! Look at me! The same goes for painting. Contrasting the intensity of color, brings your eye to the pure, vibrant hue that is the center of attention.

Enjoy the up-close Visual Journey below. Click on the play button and travel through my painting “Holding On”, read about the painting process and then go to Beyond Color: A Bird’s Eye View #3 to watch me paint it and Art Bit Exercise #3, a how-to lesson. If you would like to support the Beyond Color Video Project to allow those with less or who have been hurt during this pandemic to have access to this healing art of painting in the abstract, donate below. It would be much appreciated!

For those of you who signed up for this post to come to your email back when I first started painting these 12 x 12″ paintings, that email notice will be coming to a close in July. I invite you to sign up in the subscription box below to receive notice each time I post a Beyond Color art blog and painting video post. Thanks for your support and interest!

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Published by Robyn Sand Anderson Art

I am an Abstract Expressionist acrylic painter. Abstract Expressionism is aimed at subjective emotional expression with a particular emphasis on the creative spontaneous act of painting. I love interpreting music with paint, specifically choral and orchestral music, but I am open to whatever moves me to see color, movement and texture. Beyond Color: Using Paint to Heal, Create & Grow is a painting tutorial series in abstract expressionism aimed specifically at beginners and non-artists who need a creative outlet to give themselves a lift, a way to express whatever they are feeling with color. Beyond Color: Art Blog posts are my brief reflections on the 12 x 12" painting created in each demo, which will also be for sale. To see my latest work, check out my Gallery page. Thanks for visiting Beyond Color!

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